As the country has recently opened up for Tourism, it is such a historical moment to welcome the world to our country. Saudi has plenty to see and explore, many untouched and unexplored areas that are so worth to visit. In this article, I will highlight the main destination to be taken into consideration upon your first visit.

  1. l Ula (Heritage and history)
  2. Umluj, (Islands and relaxing)
  3. Tabuk (Sea & Beautiful landscape)
  4. NEOM (Islands, Preserves & Landscape)
  5. Riyadh (The Capital, history, food, shopping, sands)
  6. Alhasa (Palm land, people, history, sands)
  7. Medina (Spiritual, landscapes, history)
  8. Makkah (Spiritual, landscapes, mountains, history)
  9. Jazan (Islands, mountains, nature)
  10. Albaha (Cool weather, mountains)
  11. Abha (Cool weather, mountains, history)
  12. Jeddah (Second capital, shopping, food, sea, mountains)

Winter Destinations

  1. Al Ula
  2. Riyadh
  3. Jeddah
  4. Jazan
  5. Umluj
  6. Alhasa

Summer Destinations

  1. NEOM,
  2. Abha,
  3. Albaha,
  4. Umluj