Author: Nada AlSilaiman

London July 2015.. skyscrapers, infinite noise and gloomy skies.

A young Saudi woman living a cosmopolitan, fast lane kind of life, began her first chapter as a Global Politics and International Relations student. Little did she know her first chapter will turn into a story. A 5 year journey immersed and intertwined in new cultures, diverse heritage and action-packed adventures throughout London and Europe. Cycling around Hyde Park, river rafting from Interlaken, skiing the French Alps and paintballing in over 100 acres of Surrey forest. Being away from home made me realise the importance of independence and appreciate the development and the rapid growth of Saudi Arabia. Eagerness began to kick in, and I became impatient to return. I wanted to apply everything that I have learnt, make my mark and partake in driving forward the 2030 Vision.

Umluj July 2020.. blue skies above, sand below, crystal clear waters, sea breeze and mind at peace

Driven by a passion for wandering, the keen curiosity in exploring and the adrenaline of adventure has redirected my path away from what I expected and towards sharing the jewels of Arabia with the world. Under Saudi Arabia’s new Vision 2030, my path became clear.

Tourism, as unexpected as it may be, is tied into my future. And Saudi Arabia is home to every type of terrain; from numerous valleys, to sandy beaches, to crystal clear seas, to volcanic mountains and vibrant greenery. Foremost, the most stunningly beautiful destinations and extraordinarily distinct landscapes and breathtaking thrilling activities being AlUla; a journey through both the world’s largest living museum and a desert oasis uncovering wonders, into Wadi AlDisah’s panoramic safari experience; with its unique mountainous terrains, endless palm trees and flowing springs. Towards the coast; take a walk through the maze-like streets of Jeddah’s Al-Balad, fancy a cup of fruits on a floatie in the clear, shallow waters known as the ‘Natural Pools’ of Umluj (the Maldives of Arabia), go snorkel around the world’s fourth largest coral reef of AlWajh witnessing the beauty of the Red Sea or maybe a bit deeper for an underwater discovery that has been a favourite for deep sea divers being Iona’s shipwreck under Yanbu’s sea.

The journey from where I started in London to where I am now took me through unexpected routes and exposed me to different cultures and people. Here I am today making my mark and contributing to my country’s prosperity. Being a part of such an ambitious team (Shamal Adventures) in a promising industry is just the beginning of a journey to success. Kingdoms are not built except with the help of its greatest asset, its people. Afterall, Rome was not built in a day.